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Remote Team Building Just Got Easy

Avoid the hassle of finding activities, coordinating schedules, and tracking attendance, Workbreak does it all for you.

1. Select an Icebreaker

Choose from our template library of engaging icebreaker activities.

Enjoy full access to our expansive template library of icebreaker activities or use your own favorites.

2. Post the Event

Team members can browse the event wall and register for those that suit them, skip the rest.

User registration, Zoom links, calendar invites and event reminders are all taken care of for you.

3. Get Together!

When it's event time, just follow the meeting link and have fun getting to know each other better!

Meeting activities and icebreaker prompts allow team members to get to know each other on a more personal level in a relaxed environment.

Workbreak has made a huge impact on our remote culture. Our entire team is always talking about the activities and they are always wondering what I will post next. Being remote we had struggled with getting our people talking more face-to-face (and not just in slack), but this has changed everything and the best part is it's so simple to get going!

Joanna Rickens

HR Manager

Built For The Future of Work Culture

The flexible work revolution is upon us which means we need to think differently when it comes to connecting with co-workers.
Workbreak was designed to deliver virtual social experiences that can connect teams working in or out of an office.

Virtual Event Board

Remote teams love flexibility and the social event board provides the freedom of choice for all of your activities. Team members can pick the ones they want to attend, and skip the ones they don't. No pressure, and no forced socialization.

Template Library Full of Icebreakers

Great activities are the starting point of a happier and more connected team. The Workbreak event library is filled with crowd pleasing ready-made activities that you can choose from, or if you prefer, you can add your own favorites. Either way we make planning a successful event easy.

Zoom Video Integration

Workbreak uses direct integration with Zoom for event video conferencing. Just link your free or paid account and our system will automatically generate a Zoom meeting when your event is created. The platform handles all of the invites, time-zones, and meeting links.

What can you do with Workbreak?

You aren't limited to Icebreakers, here are some examples of other events you can plan with Workbreak

New Employee Meet and Greets

Host a fun virtual welcome meeting for your new team members! Run a sharing activity that allows everyone to reveal a little bit about themselves and keep the conversation casual, lighthearted, and positive so they feel at ease and happy to be part of their new team.

Team Building Events

Add in one-off team building events that get your people to know each other better, work toward common goals, develop their skills, and make the extra effort to connect as a team.

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate the little things that can be missed when working remotely, such as Birthday's or Anniversaries. Get creative and send the recipient a cake via delivery service while everyone else joins in singing Happy Birthday over Zoom.

Afterhours Events

Remote workers need a way to unwind too, and afterhours events can provide a venue to build trust and rapport in a more relaxed environment. Attendees could make a fun cocktail, cook a special meal, or even watch a movie together.

Wellness Programs

Get your team on the right track with activities designed to improve well-being and mental health. From chair yoga to group meditation, healthy activities can boost team morale and give everyone a chance to recharge.

Social Clubs

Create fun clubs around popular hobbies like gardening with regularly scheduled open meetings that team members can drop in and talk about what they are interested in.

Power Up Your Remote Culture

Hosting virtual social activities can keep your office culture thriving, with or without an office.

Build stronger work relationships

Remote workers need more opportunities to interact than in-person teams so Workbreak events give your team a chance to connect more often.

Make work more fun for everyone

Attending virtual social events is a great way to spread joy and build relationships. Team members are more likely to open up and reveal more of their personalities in the relaxed setting of a Workbreak event.

Increase team cooperation

Spending quality time together helps establish common interests and leads to better teamwork, happier employees, and a better work product.

Everything You Need to Stay Social While Working Remote


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Our beliefs
Social interactions should be fluid and not forced
Distributed teams socialize best with flexible options that fit their work culture
Social activities should be optional, but inclusive for all teams across all time zones
Bonding over common interests creates stronger teams and promotes cooperative work

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